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America: Holyoke

(American Coat of Arms for Holyoke)

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American Coat of Arms for Holyoke

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Vector Image Download of: America: Holyoke - American Coat of Arms for Holyoke

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SYMBOLISM REPORT SAMPLE p;; margin-bottom: 0px;"> Surname: Blendell-German d/b



Based on the sample coat of arms to the left this what the report might look like.


Known as the colors of the liveries: Red, Gold and Black.


1--OR, GOLD, YELLOW: Known as 'jaune'; symbolizes generosity and elevation of the mind; one of the two metals of Heraldry. 'Or' is from Latin aurum: the chief of the tinctures; it is called Sol by those who blazon by the sun and planets. Gold was consecrated to Horus (Egyptian) as to Vischnu (Hindu) and to Mithras (Roman); the resemblance between the Latin word aurum, the French or, and the Hebrew aor, light, indicates it, and monuments demonstrate it. Gold which was considered a divine metal, was thought to be the flesh of the gods. Symbol of eternity, royalty, power and strength.

2-RED OR GULES (Fr. gueules): The term is probably derived from the Arabic gule, a red rose; introduced by the Crusaders. Some historians feel the word is derived from the Latin gula, which in Old French is found as gueule, i.e. the "red throat of an animal." Others, again, have tried to find the origin in the Hebrew word gulade,which signifies red cloth. Symbolizes a warrior or martyr; military strength and magnanimity. In pagan antiquity, red was the symbol of innocence and of virginity; the mystic couches used in the mysteries of Eleusis, bound round with purple fillets, designate the virginity of Proserpine when she arrived at hell. Red colour being established as a symbol of the divinity, and consecrated to his worship, we proceed to its application in the costume of pontiffs and kings. Red (Court de Gebelin) was in Rome the colour for generals, the nobility, and patricians aristocratic families of Ancient Rome); consequently it became that of the emperors. Those of Constantinople were clothed entirely in red. Thus the last of the princes, being overwhelmed in the crowd, fighting valiantly against the Turks, who captured his capital, he was recognised by his red boots amidst a mountain of the slain. The gules, or red, in coats of arms, observes La Colombiere, denotes in spiritual virtues, ardent love towards God and one's neighbour ; in mundane virtues, valour and energy ; in vice, cruelty, wrath, murder, and carnage; of the four elements, fire; in the complexions of men, the choleric ; in precious stones, the ruby. It represents the day of judgment, because it is believed that the world will be consumed by fire.

3--BLACK OR SABLE: Derived from animals with black feet called Sable; signifies constancy or sometimes grief;mysteriousness. black was the emblem of mourning, affliction, calamity; it was also the sign of humiliation and the omen of evil. Black was the colour appropriated to the Guelphic faction which was known by that name, and by whom Dante was banished and condemned to death, will scarcely be questioned by those who are in the least aware of the stress laid upon names in this class of allegory.


It is impaled or in heraldic terms parted per pale. This denotes a union, most often that of a husband and wife, but also for unions of ecclesiastical, academic and mystical natures. An impaled shield is bisected "in pale", that is by a vertical line. This can also symbolizes Military strength and fortitude; bestowed upon those who have impaled or otherwise defended cities, or who have supported the government of their sovereigns, and for standing uprightly for their prince and country.

Each half of the shield is gold. On the left side (known in heraldry as dexter) is a red demi eagle displayed; on the right side (known in heraldry as sinister) is a black fesse.


A noble device signifying a person of action, ever more occupied in high and weighty affairs, and one of lofty spirit, ingenious, speedy in apprehension, and judicious in matters of ambiguity; true magnanimity and fortitude of mind; a symbol of power and sovereignty. The Eagle also symbolizes courage, freedom, and immortality. It proudly served as an emblem of the might and unity of empire for Babylon, the Caesars, Charlemagne and many Holy Roman and Byzantine emperors as well as for Russian czars, Aztecs and Napoleon. The heraldic Eagle appeared in Persian and Egyptian battle ensigns and on the flags of the Roman legions. The Romans called the Eagle the "bird of Jove, and carried it on their standards, into battle. If a legion lost its Eagle, it was in disgrace until the Eagle could be recovered. It was the Roman custom to let an Eagle fly from the funeral pyre of a deceased emperor, bearing the god's soul to heaven after a period of earthly incarnation as the emperor. Early Christians honoured the Eagle as a symbol of hope, of strength and of Resurrection. The latter is based on the early belief that the Eagle, unlike other birds, periodically renewed its plumage and its youth by flying near the sun then plunging into the water. The majestic Eagle was central to many mythologies and sacred writings of humanity. The ancient Greeks revered the eagle as a symbol of the god of lightning, and it is said they nailed Eagles to the peaks of temples to serve as magic lightning rods; Scandinavian myths also associate the Eagle with lightning and storm. The Hittites (an ancient people living in Anatolia and northern Syria about 2000-1200 B.C) used the double Eagle as an emblem of sovereignty.


Represents a military belt or girdle of honour. The word Fesse is a French word; and signifies the loins of a man. The girdle of honour may seem to have been in ancient time given by Emperors, and Kings, and their Generals of the field unto soldiers, for reward of some special service performed by them. This Ordinary has been anciently taken for the same that we call Baltheum militare or a belt of honour. The bestowing of this military girdle was reputed very honourable because none were to receive it but men of merit. If a knight was disarmed of his Military girdle by his demerits and offence, he is there-with-all deprived of all Military privileges.



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