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We are working on Scanning and Transcribing a copy of Grim's Fairy Tales.

The copy we currently have is undated but based on the typographical conventions, binding, printing and paper, it was likely printed mid to late 1800s possibly as late as the early 1900s. The hardbound volume was printed on wood pulp paper, while reasonably thick has browned significantly and become very brittle.

Images found here suggest that the likely date of printing would be 1898, but likely a reprint of a well worn stereotype, based on the poor condition of the printing plates.

The stories, were gathered, recorded and published by Jacob and Wilhelm Grim in German, originally as an academic publication, they later revised the stories repeatedly to make them more appropriate as literature for children. The stories have been and have been translated by multiple translators and repeatedly and revised leading to may different versions of the stories.

This edition contains Illustrations by Edward H. Wehnert and published by The F.M. Lupton Publishing Company (New York)

We are posting this for the enjoyment of people that may want to read pre-Disneyfication versions of some of the stories that have become hugely influential in pop culture.

Notably, this is a very incomplete set of the Grim's Fairy Tales, featuring only 106 of the tales, we will keep looking for other versions and the remaining missing tales.

When reading these tales, you should note that many reference Dwarves, pre-Tolkien / pre-Disney the terms Dwarf and Elf were interchangeable terms for fairy folk so you should not necessarily envisage either a Disney or Tolkien Dwarf or Elf.

It will take a while to Scan and transcribe the full set of stories. Email if you want to see a particular story done first.


Tale Num. Title Book Page
I. 1 The King of the Golden Mountain 7
II. 2 The Raven 13
III. 3 Old Hildebrand 19
IV. 4 The Water of Life 22
V. 5 The Spirit in the Bottle 28
VI. 6 The Two Wanderers 33
VII. 7 The Experienced Huntsman 43
VIII. 8 Professor Know-All 49
IX. 9 Bearskin 51
X. 10 The Wren and the Bear 56
XI. 11 The Sweet Soup 59
XII. 12 The Faithful Beasts 60
XIII. 13 The Little Tales about Toads 64
XIV. 14 The Poor Miller’s Son and the Cat 66
XV. 15 Hans the Hedgehog 69
XVI. 16 The Child’s Grave 74
XVII. 17 The Jew among Thorns 75
XVIII. 18 The Flail which came from the Clouds 80
XIX. 19 The Goose Girl 81
XX. 20 The Two Kings’Children 87
XXL 21 The Valiant Tailor 94
XXII. 22 The Blue Light 97
XXIII. 23 The Three Army Surgeons 102
XXIV. 24 The Seven Swabians 105
XXV. 25 The Three Journeymen 107
XXVI. 26 Ferdinand the Faithful and Ferdinand the Unfaithful 111
XXVII. 27 The Shoes which were Danced to Pieces 115
XXVIII. 28 The Three Brothers 119
XXIX. 29 The Bright Sun brings on the Day 121
XXX. 30 The Prince who was afraid of Nothing 122
XXXI. 31 The Evil Spirit and his Grandmother 128
XXXII. 32 The Idle Spinner 131
XXXIII. 33 The Four Accomplished Brothers 134
XXXIV. 34 The Donkey Cabbages 138
XXXV. 35 Little One-Eye, Little Two-Eyes, and Little Three-Eyes. 145
XXXVI. 36 The Fair Catherine and Pif-Paf Poltrie 152
XXXVII. 37 The Fox and the Horse 153
XXXVIII. 38 The Six Servants 155
XXXIX. 39 The Old Woman in the Wood 162
XL. 40 The White and the Black Bride 164
XLI. 41 The Man of Iron 169
XLII. 42 The Three Black Princesses 177
XLIII. 43 Knoist and his Three Sons 179
XLIV. 44 The Iron Stove 179
XLV. 45 The Maid of Brakel 185
XLVI. 46 The Little Lamb and the Little Fish 185
XLVII. 47 Simeli-Mountain 187
XLVIII. 48 Going Out a-traveling 189
XLIX. 49 The Little Ass 191
L. 50 The Old Griffin 194
LI. 51 Snow-White and Rose-Red 201
LII. 52 The Family Servants 207
LIII. 53 The Turnip 208
LIV. 54 The Hen Roost 211
LV. 55 The Old Beggar-Woman 212
LVI. 56 The Three Sluggards 212
LVII. 57 The Little Shepherd Boy 218
LVIII. 58 The Undutiful Son 214
LIX. 59 Star Dollars 215
LX. 60 The Stolen Farthings 216
LXI. 61 The Bride-Choosing 217
LXII. 62 The Shreds 217
LXIII. 63 The Sparrow and his Four Children 218
LXIV. 64 The Tale of Schlauraffenland 221
LXV. 65 The Lying Tale 222
LXVI. 66 A Puzzling Tale 223
LXVII. 67 Wise Hans 223
LXVIII. 68 The Glass Coffin 224
LXIX. 69 Lazy Harry 230
LXX. 70 Strong Hans 233
LXXI. 71 Lean Betty 240
LXXII. 72 The House in the Wood 241
LXXIII. 73 Love and Sorrow to Share 247
LXXIV. 74 King Wren 248
LXXV. 75 The Sole 251
LXXVI. 76 The Bittern and the Hoopoe 252
LXXVII. 77 The Owl 253
LXXVIII. 78 Misfortune 255
LXXIX. 79 The Duration of Life 256
LXXX. 80 Death’s Messengers 257
LXXXI. 81 Master Cobblersawl 260
LXXXII. 82 The Nix in the Pond 263
LXXXIII. 83 The Presents of the Little Folks   269
LXXXIV. 84 The Giant and the Tailor 272
LXXXV. 85 The Goose-Girl at the Well 274
LXXXVI. 86 The Nail 284
LXXXVII. 87 The Poor Boy in the Grave 285
LXXXVIII. 88 The True Bride 288
LXXXIX. 89 The Hare and the Hedgehog 295
XC. 90 The Spindle, the Shuttle, and the Needle 298
XCI. 91 The Countryman and the Evil Spirit   301
XCII. 92 The Robber and his Sons 302
XCIIL 93 The Master-Thief 310
XCIV. 94 The Drummer 318
XCV. 95 The Ears of Wheat 327
XCVI. 96 The Grave-Mound 328
XCVII. 97 Old Rinkrank 332
XCVIIL 98 The Ball of Crystal 334
XCIX. 99 Judgfrau Maleen 337
C. 100 The Boots made of Buffalo-Leather 343


Tale Num. Title Book Page
CI. 101 Joseph in the Forest 347
CIL 102 Humility and Poverty lead to Heaven 350
CIII. 103 The Three Green Twigs 351
CIV. 104 The Old Widow 354
CV. 105 The Golden Key 355
CVI. 106 The Rose 355



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