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Ancient Family Mottoes

Historically Recorded Family Motto List - Names Starting with A

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 historically recorded and published family mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from our reference library, from noted heraldic writers.

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This page lists names starting with A

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Name Motto Translation


Abbot Benedic fontes, Domine Bless wells, O lord!
Abbot Labore By labour
Abbott Age officium tuum Act your office
Abbott Clamamus, Abba, Pater Whereby we cry, Abba, Father
Abbott Toujours pret, or prest Always ready
Abbs In te, Domine, speravi In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust
Abbs Noli irritare leonem Irritate not the lion
Abdy Tenax et fidelis Persevering and faithful
Abell Invicta veritate By invincible truth
Abercorn Sola nobilitas virtus Virtue is the only nobility
Abercorn Through Through
Abercrombie Mercy is my desire Mercy is my desire
Abercrombie Petit alta He seeks high things
Abercromby In cruce salus In the cross is salvation
Abercromby Tace Be silent
Abercromby Vive ut vivas Live that you may live
Aberdeen Fortuna sequatur Let fortune be attendant
Aberdeen Intemerata fides Faith undefiled
Aberdeen Ne nimium Not too much
Aberdour Hinc spes effulget Hence hope shines forth
Abergavenny Ne vile velis Wish nothing base
Abernethy Salus per Christum Salvation through Christ
Abinger Suis stat viribus He stands by his own powers
Ablett Pro fide ablectus Chosen for fidelity
Abney Fortiter et honestè Boldly and honourably
Abney In veritate victoria Victory is in truth
Abyssinia Vivit Leo de Tribu Juda The Lion of the Tribe of Judah lives
Accorne Stabo I shall stand
Achany Per ardua ad alta Through straits to heights
Acheson Vigilantibus While they watch
Achieson Observe Observe
Ackers La liberté Liberty
Ackles Non vox sed votum Not in voice but a wish.
Ackworth Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures
Acland Inébranlable Not to be shaken
Acourt Grandescunt aucta labore The acquirements of industry render illustrious
Acton Avitœ gloriœ memor Mindful of ancestral glory
Acton Vaillaunce avance le home Valour advances the man
Adair I dare I dare
Adair Loyal à mort Loyal to death
Adair Loyal au mort Loyal to the dead
Adam Crux mihi grata quies The cross is my pleasing rest
Adams Certior in cœlo domus A surer home in heaven
Adams Libertas et natale solum Liberty and my native soil
Adams Sub cruce veritas Truth under the cross
Addenbrooke Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Addenbrooke Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures
Addington Libertas sub rege pio Liberty under a pious king
Addison Addecet honeste vivere It much becomes us to live honourably
Addison Let the deed shaw Let the deed shaw
Adml. Sir G. Edenhamond Sepulto viresco I revive from my burial
Adson Stand sure Stand sure
Affleck Pretiosum quod utile That is valuable which is useful
Agar Spectemur agendo Let us be viewed by our actions
Agar Via trita via tuta The beaten road is a safe road
Agardes Dieu me garde God keep me
Agnew Be faithful Be faithful
Agnew Consilio non impetu By counsel, not by force
Ahrends Post nubila Phœbus After clouds sunshine
Aiken In cruce salus In the cross is salvation
Aikenhead Annoso robore quercus An oak in aged strength
Aikenhead Rupto robore nati We are born from the broken oak (referring to the acorns in the arms)
Aikin Sub robore virtus Virtue under strength
Aikman Sub robore virtus Virtue under strength
Ailesbury Fuimus We have been
Ailesbury Think and thank Think and thank
Ailsa Avise la fin Consider the end
Ainslie Pietas tutissima virtus Piety is the surest virtue
Aird Vigilantia Vigilance
Airderbeck Stand sure Stand sure
Airlie A fin To the end
Aiscough In hoc signo vinces Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Aiton Decerptœ dabunt odorem Plucked they will emit fragrance
Aiton Et decerptœ dabunt odorem Even when plucked they will give out scent
Aiton Virtute orta occidunt rarius Things sprung form virtue rarely perish
Akers E vive en esperance And live in hope
Akers Je vive en esperance I live in hope
Akins Honor et virtus Honour and virtue
Akroyd In utroque paratus Prepared in either case
Akroyd In veritate victoria Victory is in truth
Albemarle Ne cede malis Yield not to misfortunes
Alcock Calco sub pedibus I trample it under my feet
Aldborough Virtuti nihil obstat et armis Nothing resists valour and arms
Aldersey Alnus semper floreat May the Alder always flourish
Aldrige Dirige Direct us
Aldworth Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Alexander Ducitur, non trahitur He is led, not drawn
Alexander Fidem servo I keep faith
Alexander Per mare, per terras By sea and land
Algar Nisi virtus vilior alga Without virtue viler than the sea-weed
Alison Vincit veritas Truth conquers
Aljoy Non deficit alter Another is not wanting
Allan Fortiter gerit crucem He bravely supports the cross
Allan Summa rerum vestigia sequor I follow the highest tracks of things
Allan Virtute et labore By valour and exertion
Allardic In cruce spero I trust in the cross
Allardice In defence In defence
Allardice In defence of the distressed In defence of the distressed
Allardice My defence My defence
Allardyce Bene qui pacifice He lives well who lives peacefully
Allcard Semel et semper Once and always
Allcock Vigilate Watch
Allen Amicitia sine fraude Friendship without deceit
Allen Diligenter et fideliter Diligently and faithfully
Allen Dirigatt Deus May God direct us
Allen Fide et labore By faith and labour
Allen In Deo solo speravi In God alone I have trust
Allen Remember Remember
Allen Triumpho morte tain vitû I triumph equally in death as in life
Allen Vita vel morte triumpha Triumph in life or death
Alleyne Non tua te moveant, sed publica vota Let not thy own, but the public wishes actuate thee
Allington Dieu est tout God is every thing
Alloway Soli Deo To God alone
Almack Mack all sicker Mack all sicker
Alpin Cuinich bas Alpin Remember the death of Alpin
Alpin Virtutis regia merces Royal is the reward of virtue
Alston Immotus Immoveable
Alston In altum Toward heaven
Alvanley Patientiâ vinces By patience thou wilt conquer
Alves Deo favente By the favour of God
Amand Sperabo I will hope
Amaranta Dolce nella memoria Sweet in the memory
Amery Tu ne cede malis Yield not to misfortunes
Amherst Constantia et virtute By constancy and virtue
Amherst Victoria concordiâ crescit Victory increases by concord
Amos Sapere aude Dare to be wise
Amphlett Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures
Ancram Hold fast Hold fast
Anderson Fortiter et rectè Boldly and rightly
Anderson Gnaviter Skilfully
Anderson Gradatim By degrees
Anderson Nil desperandum auspice Deo Nothing to be despaired of under the auspices of God
Anderson Per mare By sea
Anderson Qui honeste fortiter He who acts honestly acts bravely
Anderson Recte quod honeste That is rightly which is honestly done
Anderson Stand sure Stand sure
Anderton We stoop not We stoop not
Andrew Virtute et fortuna By valour and good fortune
Andrews Give and forgive Give and forgive
Andrews Victrix fortunœ sapientia Wisdom the conqueror of fortune
Andrews Vigueur l’amour de croix The love of the cross gives strength
Anglesea Per il suop contrario By its opposite
Anguish Anguis in herba A snake in the grass
Anguish Latet anguis in herba The snake lurks in the grass
Angus Fortis est veritas Truth is strong
Anketel Vade ad formicam Go to the ant
Anna of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII God send me wel to kepe God send me wel to kepe
Annand Sperabo I will hope
Annand Spero I hope
Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry VIII Mihi et meœ For me and for mine
Annesley Meliora supersunt Better things remain
Annesley Virtutis amore Through love to virtue
Anson Nil desperandum Never despair
Anstruther Periissem, ni per-iissem I had perished, unless I had gone through with it
Anstruther Toujours pret, or prest Always ready
Answorth Spero meliora I hope for better things
Antrobus Dei memor, gratus amicis Mindful of God, grateful to friends
Apreece Labora ut in œternum vivas Strive that you may live for ever
Aprice Pullis corvorum invorantibus eum When the young, ones of the crows call upon him
Arbuthnot Innocent and true Innocent and true
Arbuthnot Innocue ac provide Harmlessly and providently
Arbuthnot Interna prœstant Inward things are best
Arbuthnot Sit laus Deo Praise be to God
Arbuthnot Tam interna quam externa As well internal as external (qualities)
Arbuthnott Laus Deo Praise be to God
Arcbald Ut reficiar That I may be replenished
Archbald Ditat servata fides Tried fidelity enriches
Archbald Palma non sine pulvere The palm is not obtained without labour
Archdale Data fata secutus Following my destiny
Archer Sola bona quœ honesta Those things only are good which are honest
Archer Sola Deus salus God the only salvation
Archever Ready Ready
Archibald Ut reficiar That I may be replenished
Arden Nihil obstabit eunti Nothing shall oppose him as he goes
Arden Patientiâ vinces By patience thou wilt conquer
Arden Sub cruce candida Under the white cross
Areskine Ausim et confido I am brave and confident
Argyll Vix ea nostra voco I scarce call these things our own
Aringdon Virtus ariete fortior Virtue is stronger than a battering-ram
Ariton Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Arkley Bene qui sedulo He lives well who lives industriously
Arkwright Multa tuli fecique I have endured and done much
Armistead Suivez la raison Follow reason
Armitage Fortiter et fideliter Boldly and faithfully
Armour Cassis tutissima virtus Virtue is the safest helmet
Armstrong Invicta labore Unconquered by labour
Armstrong Invictus maneo I remain unconquered
Armstrong Vi et armis By force and arms
Arnell Sans heure Without time
Arnet Speratum et completum Hoped for and fulfilled
Arnett Constans et fidelis Constant and faithful
Arnold Ut vivas vigila Watch that you may live
Arnot Nunc aut nunquam Now or never
Arnut Speratum et completum Hoped for and fulfilled
Arran In hoc signo vinces Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Arrat Pax armis acquiritur Peace is acquired by arms
Arrot Antiquum assero decus I claim ancient honour
Arthur Impelle obstantia Thrust aside obstacles
Arundel De hirundine From the swallow
Arundel Deo date Give unto God
Arundel Nulli prœda A prey to no one
Arundell Deo, patriœ, amicis To God, my country, and my friends
Arundell Deo servire regnare est To serve God is to reign
Arundell Vigilantia, robur, voluptas Vigilance, strength, pleasure
Aschmaty Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Asgile Sui oblitus commodi Regardless of his own interest
Ashbrook Mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitude
Ashburner Quicquid crescit in cinere perit Whatever grows perishes in ashes
Ashburnham Le roy et l’estat The king and the state
Ashburnham Will God and I shall Will God and I shall
Ashburton Virtus in arduis Courage in difficulties
Ashby Be just, and fear not Be just, and fear not
Ashe Fight Fight
Ashe Non nobis sed omnibus Not for ourselves, but for all mankind
Asheton In Domino confido I trust in the Lord
Ashley Legite et discite Read and learn
Ashmole Ex uno omnia All things are from one
Ashmore Cave! Adsum Beware! I am present
Ashton Agere pro aliis To act for others
Ashtown Virtutis fortuna comes Fortune is the companion of valour
Ashurst Degeneranti, genus opprobrium To a degenerate man his family is a disgrace
Ashurst Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures
Askew Fac et spera Do and hope
Askew Patientia casus exsuperat omnes Patience masters all chances
Aspinall Ægis fortissima virtus Virtue is the strongest shield
Asscotti Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Assherton Nec arrogo, nec dubito I neither arrogate nor hesitate, i.e. I neither claim too much, nor do I hesitate to claim my due
Astell Fide, sed cui vide Trust, but in whom take care
Astell Sub cruce glorior I glorify under the cross
Astley Fide, sed cui vide Trust, but in whom take care
Astley Fide, sed cui vide Trust, but in whom take care
Astley Justitœ tenax Persevering in justice
Aston E tellure effodiuntur opes Our wealth is dug out of the earth
Aston Numini et patriœ I stand by God and my country
Aston Pret Ready
Aston Pret d’ accomplir Ready to accomplish
Atcherley Spe posteri temporis In hope of the latter time
Atcheson Observe Observe
Atchison Vigilantibus While they watch
Athlone Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Athol Furth fortune, and fill the fetters Furth fortune, and fill the fetters
Atkins Be just, and fear not Be just, and fear not
Atkins By the sword By the sword
Atkins Caute et sedulo Cautiously and carefully
Atkinson Crede Deo Trust in God
Atkinson Credo Deo Believe in God
Atkinson Deo, regi fielis Faithful to God and the king
Atkinson Est pii Deum et patriam diligere It is the part of a pious man to love God and his country
Atkinson Nil sine labore Nothing without labour
Atkyns By the providence of God By the providence of God
Atkyns Vincit cum legibus arma He conquers arms by laws
Atterbury Loyal au mort Loyal to the dead
Atthill Honorantes me honorabo I will honour those who honour me
Atthill Monte de alto From a high hill
Attwood Vivere sat vincere To conquer is to live enough
Atty Eamus qup ducit fortuna Let us go where fortune leads
Aubert Aides Dieu! Help, O God!
Aubert Fide et fortitudine With faith and fortitude
Aubertin Esto fidelis Be faithful
Aubrey Solem fero I bear the sun
Aubrey Ubi amor ibi fides Where there is love there is faith
Auchmuty Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Auckland Si sit prudentia If there be prudence
Audley Je le tiens I hold it
Audley Merci, fortune Thank you, fortune
Aufrere Esto quod esse videris Be what you seem to be
Auld Major virtus gquam splendor Virtue is preferable to splendour
Auld Virtute et constantia By valour and constancy
Aulde Virtute et constantia By valour and constancy
Auldjo Non deficit alter Another is not wanting
Aungier Scio cui confido I know in whom I trust
Austen Ne quid nimis Not too much of anything
Austin Crux nostra corona The cross is our crown
Austria Pax et salus Europœ The peace and safety of Europe
Austria Uno avulso, non deficit alter When one is torn away another is not wanting
Aveland Deus prosperat justos God prospers the just
Aveland Habere et dispertire To have and to share with others
Averquerque Je m’en souvien-dray I will remember it
Avonmore Renascentur They will rise again
Aylesford Aperto vivere voto To live without a wish concealed
Aylet Not in vain Not in vain
Aylmer Hallelujah Hallelujah
Aylmer Steady Steady
Aylward Verus et fidelis semper True and faithful ever
Aymand La vie durante During life
Aynesworth Courage sans peur Courage without fear
Ayre Lœto aere florent They flourish in glad air
Ayre Lighter than air Lighter than air
Ayres Virtute et votes By virtue and vows
Ayscough Fac et spera Do and hope

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