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Ancient Family Mottoes

Historically Recorded Family Motto List - Names Starting with E

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 historically recorded and published family mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from our reference library, from noted heraldic writers.

This Family Mottoes database may not be reproduced in any way without the expressed written permission of Armorial Gold Heraldry Services. We have permission from our parent site to post the mottoes here.

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This page lists names starting with E

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Name Motto Translation


Eamer Strenuè et prosperè Earnestly and successfully
Eardley Non nobis solum Not for ourselves alone
Eardley-Smith Spes decus et robur Hope Is honour and strength
Earle-Drax Mort en droit Death in the right
East Æquo pede propera Hasten with steady pace
East J’avance I advance
Eastoft Artis vel Martis By skill or valour
Eastwood Poriens sylva Rising from the wood
Eaton Vincit omnia veritas Truth conquers all things
Eator Nihil sine labore Nothing without labour
Ebury Virtus, non stemma Virtue, not pedigree
Eccles Se defendendo In his own defence
Echlin Non sine prœda Not without booty
Echlin Rumor acerbe, tace Cruel rumour, be still
Eckley Gesta verbis prœveniunt Their deeds go before their words
Eddington Labor omnia vincit Perseverance overcomes all difficulties
Eden Si sit prudentia If there be prudence
Edgar Apparet quod latebat What lay hidden appears
Edgar Man do it Man do it
Edgar Potius ingenio quam vi Rather by skill than by force
Edgar Salutem disponit Deus God dispenses salvation
Edge Semper fidelis Always faithful
Edgell Qui sera What will be, will be
Edgeworth Constans contraria spernit The resolute man despises difficulties
Edidge I soar I soar
Edie Crux mihi grata quies The cross is my pleasing rest
Edingtown Honeste audax Honourably bold
Edminston Gauge and measure Gauge and measure
Edmonston Be hardie Be hardie
Edmonston Be hardy Be hardy
Edmonstoun Be hardie Be hardie
Edmounstone Virtus auget honourem Virtue increases honour
Edward Gratia naturam vincit Grace conquers nature
Edward Nec flatu, nec fluctu Neither by wind nor wave
Edwardes Aspera ad virtutem est via The road to virtue is rough
Edwards A vino duw derwd When God willeth He will come
Edwards Duw fyddo ein cryfdwr God be our strength
Edwards Duw ydi (sometimes ydyw) ein cryfdwr God is our strength
Edwards Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon Without God without anything, God is enough
Edwards Honor potestate honorantis Honour is in the power of him who honours
Edwards Omne bonum Dei donum Every good is the gift of God
Edwards Peace with power Peace with power
Edwards Quid leges sine moribus? What are laws without morals?
Edwards Vincit veritas Truth conquers
Egerton Leoni non sagittis fido I trust to the lion not to my arrows
Egerton Sic donec Thus until
Egerton Virtuti non armis fido I trust to virtue, not to arms
Eglinton Gardez bien Watch well
Egmont Sub cruce candida Under the white cross
Egmont Yvery Yvery
Egremont Au bon droit With good right
Eiston Veritas Truth
Ekles Se defendendo In his own defence
Elder Virtute duce With virtue for guide
Elderton Sagax et audax Shrewd and bold
Eldon Sed sine labe decus Moreover an honour without stain
Elford Difficilia quœ pulchra Things which are beautiful are difficult, i.e. Honour is hard to win
Elgin Fuimus We have been
Elibank Virtute fideque By virtue and faith
Eliot Non sine Deo Not without God
Elkin Ex sese From himself
Ellacombe Nula fraus tuta latebris No fraud is safe in its hiding-place
Ellames Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Elleis Sperno I despise
Ellenborough Compositum jus fasque animi A mind which respects alike the laws of mutual justice and of God
Ellerton Spero infestis, metuo secundis I hope in adversity, I fear in prosperity
Ellies Sub solo patebit It will expand under the sun
Elliot Candide et caute Candidly and cautiously
Elliot Fortiter Bravely
Elliot Inest juceunditas There is cheerfulness in it
Elliot Non eget arcu He does not need a bow
Elliot Peradventure Peradventure
Elliot Vellera fertis oves Sheep, ye bear the wool
Elliott Credunt quod vident They believe what they see (or because they see)
Elliott Plus ultra More beyond
Ellis Esperance Hope
Ellis Huic habeo non tibi I hold it for him, not for thee
Ellis Spectemur agendo Let us be viewed by our actions
Ellis Vincit qui se vincit He conquers who conquers himself
Ellis Wath ein fferwyth yr adnabyddir We are known according to our actions
Ellis Wrth ein ffrwythan ein hadnabyddir Let us be seen by our actions
Ellison Spem sequimur We follow hope
Elmsall Amicta vitibus ulmo An elm covered with vine
Elmsley Prenez garde Take care
Elphingston Sedulitate By diligence
Elphinston Do well and let them say Do well and let them say
Elphinston In utroque paratus Prepared in either case
Elphinstone Cause caused it Cause caused it
Elphinstone Firmè Resolutely
Elphinstone Moneo et munio I advise and defend
Elphinstone Non vi, sed virtute Not by violence, but by virtue
Elrick Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Elton Artibus et armis By arts and arms
Elvin Elvenaca floreat vitis May the vine of Elvion flourish
Elvin Spectemur agendo Let us be viewed by our actions
Elwood Fide et sedulitate With faith and diligence
Ely Loyal à mort Loyal to death
Ely Prend moi tel que je suis Take me as I am
Emeris Emeritus I have served my country
Emerson-Tennent Deus protector noster God is my protector
Emery Fidelis et suavis Faithful and gentle
Emline Honestum prœtulit utili He has preferred honour to profit
Emsley Prenez garde Take care
Emslie Prenez garde Take care
Emys Serpentes velut et columbœ As serpents and doves
Enery Sans changer Without changing
Entwisle Par ce signe à Azincourt By this sign at Azincourt
Erisby Auxilio Dei By the help of God
Erne God send grace God send grace
Errington Virtus Virtue
Errol Serva jugum Keep the yoke
Erskin In Domino confido I trust in the Lord
Erskine Ausim et confido I am brave and confident
Erskine Decori decus addit avito He adds honour to that of his ancestors
Erskine Fortitudine With fortitude
Erskine In Domino confido I trust in the Lord
Erskine Judge not Judge not
Erskine Judge nought Judge nought
Erskine Perspicax, audax Quickwitted, bold
Erskine Think well Think well
Erskine Trial by jury Trial by jury
Erskine Veillant et vaillant Watchful and valiant
Erth Audax Bold
Erwin Lock sick Be sure
Escotts I make sure I make sure
Esmond Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Espinasse Non eget integer The pure of life wants not
Essex Fide et fortitudine With faith and fortitude
Eters Gloria virtutis umbra Glory is the shadow of virtue, i.e. its constant attendant
Ethelston Dat et sumit Deus God giveth and taketh away
Ethiopia Vivit Leo de Tribu Juda The Lion of the Tribe of Judah lives
Eton Cur me persequeris Why persecutest thou me?
Eure Artis vel Martis By skill or valour
Eustace Cur me persequeris Why persecutest thou me?
Eustace Soli Deo gloria Glory be to God alone
Evans Certum pete finem Aim at a sure end
Evans Libertas Liberty
Evans Pro libertate patriœ For the liberty of my country
Evelick Recta vel ardua Upright even (when) difficult
Evelyn Dureté Hardness
Everard Say and do Say and do
Everett Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Evers Fuimus We have been
Evers Pour jamais For ever
Every Suum cuique To every man his own
Ewart Abest timor Fear is absent
Ewen Audaciter Boldly
Exeter Cor unun,via una One heart, one way
Exeter Vi nullâ invertitur ordo Our order is not overthrown by any violence
Exmouth Algiers Algiers
Exmouth Deo adjuvante With God assisting
Eyre Lœti acie florent They flourish joyful in their keenness of mind
Eyre Neminem metue innocens Being innocent fear no one
Eyre Si je puis If I can
Eyre Virtus sola invicta Virtue alone is invincible
Eyres Cor unum via una One heart one way
Eyrick Virtus omnia nobilitat Virtue ennobles all things

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