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Ancient Family Mottoes

Historically Recorded Family Motto List - Names Starting with T

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 historically recorded and published family mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from our reference library, from noted heraldic writers.

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This page lists names starting with T

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Name Motto Translation


Taaffe In hoc signo spes mea In this sign is my hope
Tailefer Viresco I flourish
Tailour In cruce salus In the cross is salvation
Tailour In cruce salus In the cross is salvation
Tailour Per ardua Through difficulties
Tait Ægre de tramite recto Scarcely from the right path
Tait God give grace God give grace
Tait Toujours la même Always the same
Talbot Humani nihil alienum Nothing that relates to man is indifferent to me
Talbot Prest d’ accomplier Ready to accomplish
Talbot de Malhide Fort et fidèle Brave and faithful
Tane Labor et industria Labour and industry
Tankerville De bon vouloir servir le roy To serve the king with right good will
Tansley Virtutis laus actio The praise of virtue is action
Tarlton Post nubila Phœbus After clouds sunshine
Tate Thincke and thancke Thincke and thancke
Tatham Veritatem Truth
Tatlock Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Tattershall Lege, sapere aude Read, dare to be wise
Tattnall Je me souviendrai I will remember
Tatton Crescent They will increase
Taunton Curœ testimonium A testimony of caution
Taunton Defendamus Let us defend
Taunton Passibus citis sed œquis With rapid but regulated steps
Tawse Deo juvante By God’s assistance
Tayler Conserva me, Domine Preserve me, O Lord
Taylor Consequitur quodcunque petit He hits whatever he aims at
Taylor Fama candidâ rosâ dulcior Fame is sweeter than the white rose
Taylor Fidelisque ad mortem And faithful to death
Taylor In hoc signo vinces Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Taylor Natale solum dulce Our native soil is sweet
Taylor Semper fidelis Always faithful
Taylor Tachez surpasser en vertue Strive to surpass in virtue
Taylor Victoriœ signum The emblem of victory
Taylor Vigilans Watchful
Taylor-Gordon I byde I byde
Teale Fideliter Faithfully
Teignmouth Perimus licitis We perish by what is lawful
Tempest A foye To faith
Tempest Love as you find Love as you find
Temple Te stante virebo Whilst thou endurest I shall flourish
Temple Templa, quam dilecta Temles, how beloved
Templemore Invitum sequitut honor Honour follows one who desires it not
Templer Nihil sine labore Nothing without labour
Templeton Virtutis avorum prœmium The reward of my ancestors’ valour
Tempsst Loyouf as thow fynds Loyouf as thow fynds
Tenison Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Tennant Dabit Deus vela God will fill the sails
Tennant Tenax et fidelis Persevering and faithful
Tennyson Nil temere Nothing rashly
Tennyson-D’Encourt Nil temere Nothing rashly
Tenterden Labore By labour
Ternan Buagh Victory
Tetlow Prœmium virtutis honor Honour is the reward of virtue
Tey Tais en temps Be silent in time
Teynham Spes mea in Deo My hope is in God
Thackeray Nobilitas est sola virtus Virtue is the only nobility
Thackwell Frappe fort Strike hard
Thackwell Mihi solicitudo futuri I have a care for the future
Thanet Fiel pero desdichado Faithful, though unfortunate
Tharrold Ex merito Through merit
Thatchell A rege et victoria From the king and by conquest
The Baron de Bliss Deus nobiscum, quis contra? If God be with us, who can be against us?
The Chisholm Feros ferior I strike the fierce
Thearle Nihil sine labore Nothing without labour
Thelluson Labore et honore By industry and honour
Theresa Fortitudine With fortitude
Thesiger Pax aut bellum Peace or war
Thirley Malgré l’envie In spite of envy
Thom Dum, vivo, spero While I live I hope
Thomas A Deo et patre From God and my father
Thomas Honesty is the best policy Honesty is the best policy
Thomas Pro patriâ et rege For my country and king
Thomas Quid pure tranquillet What purely calms
Thomas Virtus invicta gloriosa Unconquered virtue is glorious
Thomas Virtute non astutia By courage not by craft
Thomlinson Non sibi, sed patriœ Not for himself, but for his country
Thomond Vigueur de dessus Strength is from above
Thompson Certum pete finem Aim at a sure end
Thompson Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Thompson Fear not friendship Fear not friendship
Thompson Go on, and take care Go on, and take care
Thompson In God I trust In God I trust
Thompson In lumine luceam I may shine in the light
Thompson Je veux bonne guerre I wish fair play
Thompson Nile Nile
Thompson Non quo, sed quo modo Not for whom, but in what manner
Thompson Optima est veritas Truth is best
Thompson Patientia vinco I conquer by patience
Thomson Christus providebit Christ will provide
Thomson Curœ cedit fatum Fate gives way to caution
Thomson Honesty is good policy Honesty is good policy
Thomson Industria murus Industria is a protection
Thomson Je veux bonne guerre I wish fair play
Thomson Lente in voto Slowly (is) in my power, i.e. is what I wish
Thomson Optima est veritas Truth is best
Thomson Suum cuique To every man his own
Thorburn We live in hope We live in hope
Thoresby In silentio fortitudo Courage in silence
Thorlby Fide et fiducia By fidelity and confidence
Thorn Ad gloriam per spinas To glory through thorns, i.e. difficulties
Thorn Sœpe creat pulchras The sharp thorn often bears beautiful roses
Thornhill Amantes ardua dumos The thorns which love the hills
Thorold Cervus non servus A stag not enslaved
Thorp Super antiquas vias Upon the ancient tracks
Thorton Vincit percula virtus Virtue overcomes dangers
Thos Growi hil Gwernimon Gronow’s of the race of princes
Thos. Willement F.S.A. Thynke and Thanke Thynke and Thanke
Thrale In cruce confido I trust in the cross
Thriepland Animis et fato By courageous acts and good fortune
Thriepland Animus et fata Courage and fortune
Throckmorton Moribus antiquis With ancient manners
Throckmorton Virtus sola nobilitas Virtue is the only nobility
Thruston Thrust on Thrust on
Thurlow Justitiœ soror fides Faith is the sister of justice
Thurston Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Thynne J’ai bonne cause I have good reason
Tibbetts Per industriam Through industry
Tichborne Pugna pro patriâ Fight for your country
Tichburn Instata vi patriœ He rushes on with the strength of his country
Tiffin Patriœ fidelis Faithful to my country
Tighe Summum nec metuam diem nec optem May I neither dread nor desire the last day
Tillard Audi, vide, sile Hear, see, be silent
Tilney Espoir me comfort Hope comforts me
Timperley Prœvide, ne prœveniare Look forward, lest you be forestalled
Tindal Nosce teipsum Know thyself
Tippet Non robore, sed spe Not by strength, but by hope
Tippet Non robore, sed vi Not by strength, but by force
Tipping Dat tela fidelitas Fidelity supplies weapons
Tisdall Tutamen tela coronœ Our weapons are the defence of the crown
Toash Crede et vince Believe and conquer
Todd Faire sans dire To do without speaking, i.e. Deeds not words
Todd Oportet vivere It behoves us to live
Todd Semper vigilans Always watchful
Toke Militia mea multiplex My warfare is manifold
Toler Right can never die Right can never die
Tollemache Confido conquiesco I trust and am contented
Tolson Ferro comite My sword my companion
Tomlin Opes industria parit Industry produces riches
Tomlins Per ardua virtus Virtue through difficulties
Tomlinson Non sibi, patriœ Not for himself, for his country
Tompson Fortis in arduis Brave under difficulties
Tonge Steady Steady
Tonkin Kensol tra Tonkein ouna Diu mathern yn Before all things, Tonkin, fear God in the king
Tonson Manus hœc inimica tyrannis This hand is hostile to tyrants
Tooke Militia mea multiplex My warfare is manifold
Toole Spero I hope
Tooth Perseverantia palmam obtinebit Perseverance will obtain the reward
Topham Cruce non prudentia By the cross, not by prudence
Torpichen Spero meliora I hope for better things
Torr Altiora spero I hope higher things
Torrance I saved the king I saved the king
Torre Turris fortissima Deus God is the strongest tower
Torrington Tuebor I will defend
Tottenham Ad astra sequor I follow to the stars
Touchet Je le tiens I hold it
Tounley-Balfour Omne solum forti patria Every land is a brave man’s country
Tovy I Deo confido I trust in God
Tower Dominus fortissima turris The Lord is the strong tower
Towers Nisi Dominus frustra It is vain without the Lord
Towers Turris mihi Deus God is my tower
Towle Amo pacem I love peace
Townley-Parker Sapere aude Dare to be wise
Townsend Vitâ posse priore frui To be able to enjoy the recollections of our former life
Townshend Deum cole, regem serva Worship God, revere the king
Townshend Hœc generi incrementa fides Fidelity (gave) these honours to our race
Townshend Huic generi incrementa fides Faithfulness caused the increase of this family
Townshend Vince malum patientia Overcome evil with patience
Townsley Tenes le vraye Hold to the truth
Townsley Tenez le vraye Keep or speak the truth
Tracy Memoria pii œterna The memory of the pious man is eternal
Trafford Gripe griffin hold fast Gripe griffin hold fast
Trafford Now thus! Now thus!
Trail Discrimine salus Safety in danger
Trant Aquila non captat muscas The eagle catcheth not flies
Traquair Judge nought Judge nought
Treacher Æquam servare mentem To preserve an equal mind
Tredcroft Vigilando quiesco In watching I rest
Treffry Whyll God wyll Whyll God wyll
Trefusis Tout vient de Dieu All comes from God
Tregonwell Nosce teipsum Know thyself
Tregose Ferro consulto I argue with the sword
Trelawney Sermoni consona facta Deeds agreeing with words
Trelawney Virtus patrimonio nobilior Virtue is nobler than inheritance
Tremayne Honor et honestas Honour and honesty
Trench Virtutis fortuna comes Fortune is the companion of valour
Trent Augeo I increase
Trevanion En Dieu est mon espoir In God is my hope
Trevellyn Tyme tryeth troth Tyme tryeth troth
Trevelyan Time tryeth troth Time tryeth troth
Trevor Quid verum atque decens What is true and befitting
Treweeke Fervet opus The work is urged on vigorously
Trigger Terra marique victor Victorious by land and sea
Trimelstowne Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Trist Nec triste, nec trepidum Neither sad (trist) nor fearful
Tritton Fortiter gerit crucem He bravely supports the cross
Trivett Salvus in igne Safe in fire
Trollop Audio sed taceo I hear, but say nothing
Trotter Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Trotter In promptu In readiness
Trotter Nec timidus, nec ferus Neither fearful nor brutal
Trower I trow aught I trow aught
Trower I trow aright I trow aright
Troyte A Deo in Deo From God in God
Troyte Fortes fortuna juvat Fortune favours the bold
Truell Diligentia fortior Stronger by diligence
Truss Virtus intaminatis fulget honoribus Virtue shines with unspotted honours
Tucker Auspice Teucro Under the auspices of Teucer
Tucker Nil desperandum Never despair
Tucker Vigilate Watch
Tufton Ales volat propriis The bird flies to its kind
Tufton Fiel pero desdichado Faithful, though unfortunate
Tuite Alleluiah Alleluiah
Tuite Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Tunstall Droit Right
Tupper L’espoir est ma force Hope is my strength
Turberville Avi numerantur avorum A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Turberville Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures
Turing Audentes fortuna juvat Fortune favours the bold
Turnbull Audaces fortuna juvat Fortune favours the bold
Turnbull Audaci favet fortuna Fortune favours the bold
Turner Animo et fide By courage and faith
Turner Avito viret honore He flourishes through the honour of his ancestors
Turner Confido conquiesco I trust and am contented
Turner Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Turner Finem prospiciens Looking to the end
Turner Pro patria For my country
Turner Tu ne cede malis Yield not to misfortunes
Turney In hoc signo vinces Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Turnly Perseverando By persevering
Turnor Turn nor swereve Turn nor swereve
Turnour Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Turville Virtus semper eadem Virtue is always the same
Tweeddale Spare nought Spare nought
Tweedie Aut pax aut bellum Either peace or war
Twenlow Teneo tenuere majores I hold (what) my ancestors held
Twining Stellis aspirate gemellis Breathe on us with your twin stars
Twiselton Vidi, vici I saw, I conquered
Twisleton Fortem posce animum Wish for a strong mind
Twiss Virtuti non armis fido I trust to virtue, not to arms
Twitoe Vigilo et spero I watch and hope
Twogood His utere mecum Use these things with me
Twysden Prœvisa mala pereunt Foreseen misfortunes perish
Tylden Truth and liberty Truth and liberty
Tyler Crux prœsidium et decus The cross is (my) guard and honour
Tyler My king and country My king and country
Tyler Nec aspera terrent Difficulties do not daunt
Tyler Trafalgar Trafalgar
Tyler Volonté de Dieu The will of God
Tyndale Confido non confundar I trust and shall not be confounded
Tyne Fortiter defendit, triumphans Triumphing, it bravely defends
Tynte Tynctus cruore Saraceno Tinged with Saracen’s blood
Tyrconnel Per acuta belli Through the asperities of war
Tyrell Sans crainte Without fear
Tyrell Veritas via vitœ Truth is the way of life
Tyrwhitt Me meliora manent Better fortunes await me
Tyssen Post mortem virtus virescit Virtue flourishes after death
Tyssen Toujours pret, or prest Always ready
Tyssen-Amherst Post mortem virtus virescit Virtue flourishes after death
Tytler Je suis prest I am ready
Tytler Occultus non extinctus Hidden, not extinguished
Tyzack Seigneur, je te prie garde ma vie Lord, I beseech thee save my life

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