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Ancient Family Mottoes

Historically Recorded Family Motto List - Names Starting with O

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 historically recorded and published family mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from our reference library, from noted heraldic writers.

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This page lists names starting with O

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O’Beirne Dii moresque sabunt The god and (our own) habits will give it
O’Brien The strongest arm uppermost The strongest arm uppermost
O’Brien Vigueur de dessus Strength is from above
O’Bryen Vigueur de dessus Strength is from above
O’Carroll In fide et in bello fortis Strong both in faith and war
O’Connell Cia’ll agos neart Reason and power, or, Power used with judgment
O'Connor Nec timeo, nec sperno I neither fear, nor despise
O’Daly Deo, regi fielis Faithful to God and the king
O‘Donnell In hoc signo vinces Under this sign thou shalt conquer
O’Donnelly Tandem justitia Justice at length
O’Donovan Adjuvante Deo in hostes God aiding against enemies
O’Donovan Vis super hostem Strength over the enemy
O’Farrell Spes mea Deus God is my hope
O’Flanaghan Certavi et vici I have fought and conquered
O’Gorman Primi et ultimi in bello First and last in war
O’Grady Vulneratus non victus Wounded not conquered
O’Halloran Ripis rapax, rivis audax On the banks rapacious, in the streams daring
O’Hara Try Try
O’Keefe Forti et fideli nihil difficile To the brave and faithful man nothing is difficult
O’Kelly Fortis turris mihi Deus God is my strong tower
O’Kelly Rath – A’rda – Cöel On the hill of Cöel (i.e. O’Kelly) is the camp of Cöel
O’Kelly Turris fortis mihi Deus God is a strong tower to me
O’Loghlen Anchora salutis The anchor of safety
O’Malley Terra marique potens Powerful by land and sea
O’Mulley Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
O’Mulloy Fortune and opportunity for ever Fortune and opportunity for ever
O’Neil Semper prœsto patriœ servire I am ever ready to serve my country
O’Neill The red hand of Ireland The red hand of Ireland
O’Reilly Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
O’Reilly Fortitudine et prudentiâ By fortitude and prudence
O’Rourke Serviendo guberno By serving I govern
O’Rourke Victorious Victorious
O‘Shee Vincit veritas Truth conquers
Oakeley Non timeo, sed caveo I fear not, but am cautious
Oakes Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Oakes Persevere Persevere
Oakes Quercus robur salus patria The strength of the oak is the safety of our country
Oakley Paterni nominis patrimonium The patrimony of a paternal name
Ochterlonie Deus mihi adjutor God is my helper
Ochter-Lony Spes labor levis Hope is light labour
Odell Quantum in rebus inane What emptiness in all things (human)
Ogilve Terrena pericula sperno I despise earthly dangers
Ogilvie A fin To the end
Ogilvie Ad finem spero I hope to the last
Ogilvie Fortune le veut Fortune so wills it
Ogilvie Prœclarum regi et regno servitium Honourable service to king and country
Ogilvie Pro patria For my country
Ogilvie Toujours pret, or prest Always ready
Ogilvie Tout jour Always
Ogilvy Bene paratum dulce That which is rightly acquired is sweet
Ogilvy Ex armis honos Honour gained by arms
Ogilvy Fideliter Faithfully
Ogilvy Fortune le veut Fortune so wills it
Ogilvy Industria By industry
Ogilvy Marte et industria By arms and industry
Ogilvy Nil desperandum Never despair
Ogilvy Quœ moderata firma Moderate things are stable
Ogilvy Secundat vera fides True faith prospers
Oglander Servare munia vitœ To observe the duties of life
Ogle A Deo lumen Light from God
Ogle Fortis in teipso Brave in thyself
Ogle Prenez en gré Take in good will
Oglivy Pugno pro patriâ I fight for my country
Okeover Esto vigilans Be vigilant
Oldfield Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Oldfield In cruce vincam I shall conquer in the cross
Oldfield Viresco vulnere I revive by my wounds
Oliffe Est voluntas Dei It is the will of God
Oliphant A tout pourvoir To provide for every thing
Oliphant Altiora peto I seek higher things
Oliphant Hinc illuminabimur Hence we shall be enlightened
Oliphant Honesta peto I seek honourable things
Oliphant Hope and not rue Hope and not rue
Oliphant Non mutat fortuna genus Fortune does not change the race
Oliphant Tout pourvoir To provide for everything
Oliphant What was may be What was may be
Oliveira Audentior ibo I will go more daringly
Oliver Ad fœdera cresco I grow for treaties
Oliver Fac similiter Do likewise
Oliver Ito tu et fac similiter Go thou and do likewise
Oliver Non sine oliver Not without oliver
Oliver Nunquam fallentis termes olivæ A branch of the never-failing olive
Oliver Sicut oliva virens lœtor in œde Dei As the flourishing olive, I rejoice in the house of God
Ongley Mihi cura futuri My care is for the future
Onslow Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Onslow Laudo manentem I praise him that waits
Onslow Semper fidelis Always faithful
Oranmore Fortiter et fideliter Boldly and faithfully
Ord Miles et fortis A soldier and a brave one
Ord Mitis et fortis Gentle and brave
Ordell Auxilium ab alto Aid from above
Orford Fari quœ sentiat To speak what they think
Orkney Fight Fight
Orme Fortis et fidelis Brave and faithful
Ormerod Dedit meliora dabitque He has given better things will give them
Ormiston Felicior quo certior Luckier as it is surer
Ormonde Comme je trouve As I find
Ormsby Fortis qui prudens He is brave who is prudent
Orpen Veritas vincet Truth will conquer
Orpen Vincit veritas Truth conquers
Orr Bonis omnia bona All things are good to the good
Orrery Honor virtutis prœmium Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Orrock Solus Christus mea rupes Christ alone is my rock
Osbaldeston Constante et firme Constant and firm
Osborne Pax in bello Peace in war
Osborne Quantum in rebus inane What emptiness in all things (human)
Oswald Forti favet cœlum Heaven favours the brave
Oswald Monstrant astra viam The stars show the way
Otway Si Deus nobiscum quis contra nos? If God be with us, who can be against us?
Oughton Nescit abolere vetustas Antiquity cannot abolish it
Ouseley Mors lupi agnis vita The death of the wolf is life to the lambs
Outram Mutare fidem nescio I cannot break faith
Ovington Respice fines Consider the end
Owen Frangas non flectes Thou may’st break, but shalt not bend me
Owen Honestas optima politia Honesty is the best policy
Owen Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Owen Sola juvat virtus Virtue alone delights
Owen Toraf cyn plygaf I’ll break before I’ll bend
Oxford Virtute et fide By valour and faith
Oxley Tam aris quam aratris As well by altars as by ploughs
Oxon Deo, regi, vicino To God, my king, my neighbour

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