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Ancient Family Mottoes

Historically Recorded Family Motto List - Names Starting with P

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 historically recorded and published family mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from our reference library, from noted heraldic writers.

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This page lists names starting with P

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Name Motto Translation


Packe Libertas sub rege pio Liberty under a pious king
Packwood None is truly great but he that is truly good None is truly great but he that is truly good
Page Honneur pour objet Honour for object
Pagen Nec timeo, nec sperno I neither fear nor despise
Paget Diciendo y haciendo Saying and doing
Paget Per il suop contrario By its opposite
Paget Post spinas palma After difficulties a reward: lit. after thorns the palm
Pagit Deo pagit He covenants with God
Pain Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Pakenham Gloria virtutis umbra Glory is the shadow of virtue, i.e. its constant attendant
Palgrave Laudans invocabo Dominum I will call upon the Lord with praise
Palliser Deo volente God willing
Palliser Exemple brave et louable A brave and praiseworthy example
Palmer Dolore lenio dolorem By suffering I alleviate pain
Palmer In Deo est mihi omnis fides In God is my whole trust
Palmer Palma virtuti The palm to virtue
Palmer Par sit fortuna labori Let the success be equal to the labour
Palmer Pour appendre oublier ne puis I cannot forget in order to learn
Palmerston Flecti non frangi To be bent not to be broken
Palmes Justus ut palma The righteous man is as the palm-tree
Palmes Ut palma justus The righteous is like the palm
Panmure Clementia et animis By clemency and courage
Panton Semper eadem Always the same
Papillon Ditat servata fides Tried fidelity enriches
Papworth Kunst, Macht, Kunst Art, might, art
Par Faire sans dire To do without speaking, i.e. Deeds not words
Parbury Cras mihi To-morrow for me
Pares Pares cum paribus Like to like, i.e. pairs; in allusion to the name
Paris Hoc age Do this
Park Sapienter et pie Wisely and piously
Parker Fideli certa merces To the faithful there is certain reward
Parker Non fluctu nec flatu movetur He is not moved by either wave or wind
Parker Sub libertate quietem Rest under liberty
Parker Try Try
Parker Veritas vincit Truth conquers
Parker Virtutis alimentum honos Honour is the food of valour
Parkhouse The cross our stay The cross our stay
Parkin Nisi Christus nemo Christ or no one
Parkyns Honeste audax Honourably bold
Parlett Parlez bien, ou ne parlez rien Speak well, or do not say anything
Parr Amour avec loyaulté Love with loyalty
Parry Gofal dyn duw ai gwared God will release man from care
Parry Nil desperandum Never despair
Parry Perseverance Perseverance
Parry Tu ne cede malis Yield not to misfortunes
Parsons Quid retribuam? What shall I render?
Pasley Be sure Be sure
Paterson Hinc orior Hence I rise
Paterson Pro Deo et grege For God and the flock
Paterson Virtute viresco I flourish by virtue
Paton Audacia et virtute adepta Gained by daring and valour
Paton Virtute adepta Acquired by virtue
Paton Virtute viget He flourishes by virtue
Patriarche Honor et honestas Honour and honesty
Patrick Ora et labora Pray and labour
Patrick Study quiet Study quiet
Patrickson Mente et manu With heart and hand
Patridge Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Patten Mal au tour Misfortune to the tower
Patten Nulla pallescere culpa To turn pale from no crime
Pattenson Finem respice Consider the end
Patterson I die for those I love I die for those I love
Patterson Tache sans tâche Strive (to be) without reproach
Pattinson Ex vile pretiosa Valuable things out of a base one
Pattison Hostis honori invidia Envy is an enemy to honour
Patton Virtus laudanda Virtue is praiseworthy
Paul Vana spes vitœ Worldly hope is vain
Paul Veritas prœvalebit Truth shall prevail
Paulet Aimez loyaulté Love loyalty
Paulett Aymez loyaulté Love loyalty
Paunceforte Pensez forte Think firmly
Paver Faded, but not destroyed Faded, but not destroyed
Pawson Favente Deo By God’s favour
Payne Be just, and fear not Be just, and fear not
Payne Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Paynter Carpe diem Seize the present opportunity
Peachy Memor et fidelis Mindful and faithful
Peachy Ne cuiquam serviat ensis Let not your sword be the slave of any one
Peacock Be just, and fear not Be just, and fear not
Peacock Nature donum The gift of nature
Peacocke Vincit veritas Truth conquers
Peard Cui fides fide Place full confidence in whom you trust
Peareth Verax et fidelis True and faithful
Pearse Cadenti porrigo dextram I extend my right hand to the falling
Pearse Vi divinâ By Divine power
Pearson Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Pearson Perduret probitas Let honesty endure
Pearson Rather die than be disloyal Rather die than be disloyal
Pearson Sol et scutum Deus God is our sun and shield
Peat Amicus certus A sure friend
Peat Ardens Fervent
Peaterson Pour le roy For the king
Pechell Ea nostra voco I call these things our own
Peckham Favente Numine By the favour of Providence
Peckham Tentanda via est The way must be tried
Pedder Je dis la vérité I tell the truth
Pedlar Animo, non astutia By courage, not by craft
Peebles Contranando incrementum Prosperity by swimming against the stream
Peel Industria By industry
Peirse Non sine pulvere palma A reward not without labour
Peit Amicus certus A sure friend
Peitere Pour mon Dieu For my God
Pellew Algiers Algiers
Pellew Deo adjuvante With God assisting
Pemberton Audi alteram partem Hear the other party
Pemberton Labore et honore By industry and honour
Pemberton Sunt sua prœmia laudi His rewards are his praise
Pembroke Ung je serviray One will I serve
Pendock Pro prole semper For my offspring ever
Pendred Nosce teipsum Know thyself
Pendrill Loyal au mort Loyal to the dead
Penn Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Penn Dum clarum rectum teneam May I keep the line of right as well as of glory
Pennant Æquo animo With equanimity
Pennefather I abide my time I abide my time
Pennington Vincit amor patriœ The love of my country exceeds everything
Pennycock Free for a blast Free for a blast
Pennycock Ut resurgam That I may rise again
Pennyman Fortiter et fideliter Boldly and faithfully
Penrice Justus et propositi tenax Just and firm of purpose
Penrice Tuto et celeriter Safely and quickly
Penrose Rosa sine spina The rose without a thorn
Penruddocke Gloria soli Deo Glory to God alone
Penyston Victus invicta viget Unconquered virtue flourishes
Peperell Peperi I have brought forth
Peperrell Fortiter et fideliter Boldly and faithfully
Peppard Virtute et valore By virtue and valour
Pepper Semper erectus Always exalted
Pepperell Virtute parta tuemini Defend what is acquired by valour
Pepys Mens cujusque is est quisque As the mind of each, so is the man
Pepys Ut mens cujusque is est quisque As the mind of each, so is each
Perceval Per se valens Strong through himself
Perceval Sub cruce candida Under the white cross
Perceval Yvery Yvery
Percy Esperance en Dieu Hope in God
Perkins Simplex vigilum veri An honest one of the sentinels of truth
Perkins Toujours loyale Always loyal
Perrot Amo ut invenio I love as I find
Perrott Jus suum cuique To every man his own
Perry Recte agens confido While acting uprightly I am confident
Perth A tout pourvoir To provide for every thing
Perth Ab uno ad omnes From one to all
Perton Avi numerantur avorum A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Peru Renacio el sol del Peru The sun of Peru has risen again
Peter Court no friend, dread no foe Court no friend, dread no foe
Peter Pour mon Dieu For my God
Peter Sans Dieu rien Without God nothing
Peter Sub libertate quietem Rest under liberty
Peter Turris fortis mihi Deus God is a strong tower to me
Peter Virtutis regia merces Royal is the reward of virtue
Peterkin Confido in Domino I trust in the Lord
Peters Absque Deo nihil Nothing without God
Peters Confido I trust
Peters Deo adjuvcante non timendum With God assisting we must not fear
Peters Dieu pour nous God for us
Peters E’in do and spare not E’in do and spare not
Peters Rien sans Dieu Nothing without God
Peters Sit sine labe fides Let faith be unspotted
Peters Usque fac et non parcas E’en do and spare not
Peters Verus True
Peters Verus ad finem True to the end
Peterson Nihil sine Deo Nothing without God
Peto Ad finem fidelis Faithful to the end
Petre Sans crainte Without fear
Petre Sans Dieu rien Without God nothing
Petree Fides Faith
Petree Spem fortuna alit Good fortune nourishes hope
Petrie Fide sed vide Trust but take care
Pettigrew Sine sole nihil Nothing without the sun
Pettiward Crux Christi lux cœli The cross of Christ is the light of Heaven
Petty Toujours pret, or prest Always ready
Petty Ut apes geometriam As bees geometry
Petty Virtute non verbis By valour not by boasting
Petyt Qui s’estime petyt deviendra grand He who thinks himself little shall become great
Peverell Hinc mihi salus Hence comes salvation to me
Peyton Patior, potior I endure, I enjoy
Phaire Virtute tutus By virtue safe
Phelips Pro aris et focis For our altars and our homes
Phelps Toujours pret, or prest Always ready
Philip II of Spain Hinc vigilo Hence I watch
Philipps Ducit amor patriœ Patriotism leads me
Philipps Fy nuw a chymru My God and Wales
Philips Simplex munditiis Plain with neatness
Phillimore Fortem posce animum Wish for a strong mind
Phillips Adjuvante Deo God my helper
Phillips Animo et fide By courage and faith
Phillips Arr dduw y Gyd All depend on God
Phillips Auspice Deo extuli mari God being my leader, I brought him out the sea
Phillips Erectus, non elatus Exalted but not elated
Phillips Flecti non frangi To be bent not to be broken
Phillips Mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitude
Phillips Persevere Persevere
Phillips Quid justum non quod utile What is just, not what is useful
Phillips Spero meliora I hope for better things
Phillips-Marshall Auspice Deo extuli mari God being my leader, I brought him out the sea
Phillpotts Semper paratus Always prepared
Phipps Virtute quies Repose through valour
Picairn Sperabo I will hope
Pickering Je gardye bien I am careful
Pidcock Seigneur, je te prie garde ma vie Lord, I beseech thee save my life
Pierre Vespere et mane In the evening and the morning
Pierrepont Pie repone te Repose with pious confidence
Pigott Conanti dabitur It will be given to him who strives
Pigott Labore et virtute By industry and virtue
Pigott Toute foys preste Always ready
Pigott Tout foys prest Always ready
Pigott Toutes foys preste Always ready
Pilkington Honestœ gloria fax mentis Glory the firebrand of the honourable mind
Pilkington Now thus, now thus Now thus, now thus
Pilkington Pylkington Pollendowne Pilkington or the master polls (mows) downe (meadows)
Pillans Virtute et robore By virtue and strength
Pinchard Tout vient de Dieu All comes from God
Pindar Ex fide fortis Strong though faith
Pine In tempestate floresco I flourish in the tempest
Pinkerton Post nubila sol After clouds sunshine
Pinkney Deus nobis God with us
Pirie Deeds not words Deeds not words
Pitcairn Plena refulget The full moon shines
Pitcairn Spes lucis œternœ The hope of eternal life
Pitcher Perseverantia et labore By perseverance and labour
Pitches Fideliter et recte Faithfully and uprightly
Pits God caryth for us God caryth for us
Pitt Amitié Friendship
Pitt Benigno Numine By benign providence
Pittenween Deo duce God my guide
Player Servitute clarior More illustrious by service
Playfair Sic te non vidimus olim We did not formerly see thee thus
Pleydell Imitari quam invidere To imitate rather than envy
Plumer Give the thankys that are due Give the thankys that are due
Plummer Consulto et audaciter With prudence and daring
Plumptre Sufficit meruisse It is enough to have deserved well
Plunket Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Plymouth Je me fie en Dieu I trust in God
Pocock Regi regnoque fidelis Faithful to king and kingdom
Poe Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Poer Per crucem ad coronam By the cross to a crown
Polden Clariores e tenebris Men are brighter from previous obscurity
Pole Pollet virtus Virtue excels
Poley Fortior qui se vincit He is strongest who conquers himself
Pollen De tout mon cœur With all my heart
Pollock Audacter et strenue Boldly and earnestly
Pollock Delectatio My Delight
Poltimoree Delectare in Domino To rejoice in the Lord
Polwarth Reparabit cornua Phœbe The moon will replenish her horns
Polwhele Karanza wheelas karanza Love worketh love
Pomfret Hora è sempre Now and always
Pont Perenne sub polo nihil There is nothing permanent under heaven
Ponton Stand sure Stand sure
Poole Pollet virtus Virtue excels
Poole Tenax propositi Firm of purpose
Poore Pauper non in spe Not poor in hope
Pope Mihi tibi To me and to you
Popham Mens pristina mansit The original mind hath remained
Porch Cordi dat robora virtus Virtue gives strength to the heart
Portal Armet nos ultio regum Let vengeance for princes arm us
Port-Arlington Vitœ via virtus Virtue is the way of life
Porteous I wait my time I wait my time
Porteous Let the hawk shaw Let the hawk shaw
Porter Data fata secutus Following my destiny
Porter Vigilantia et virtute By vigilance and valour
Porterfield Sub pondere sursum Beneath my load (I look) upward
Portland Craignez honte Fear shame
Portman A clean heart and cheerful spirit A clean heart and cheerful spirit
Portman Avance Advance
Portman Make a clean heart and a cheerful spirit Make a clean heart and a cheerful spirit
Portsmouth En suivant la vérité By following truth
Pott Fortis et astutus Bold and crafty
Pottinger Virtus in aruda Courage against difficulties
Poulett Gardez la foy Keep the faith
Pourie Vespere et mane In the evening and the morning
Powell Anima in amicis una One feeling among friends
Powell Deus est nobis sol et ensis God is a sun and sword to us
Powell Fy nhy’n unig My house alone
Powell Inter hastas et hostes Among spears and enemies
Powell Omne bonum Dei donum Every good is the gift of God
Powell Spes mea Christus erit Christ shall be my hope
Power Aut vincere aut mori Victory or death
Power Per crucem ad coronam By the cross to a crown
Power Pro patr For my country ever
Powerscourt Fidélité est de Dieu Fidelity is of God
Powes Audacter et sincere Boldly and sincerely
Powis Fortitudine et prudentiâ By fortitude and prudence
Pownall Grace me guide Grace me guide
Pownall Officium prœsto I perform my duty
Poyntz Crainte refrainte Fear restrained
Poyntz Impetueux Impetuous
Poyntz Tiburon Tiburon
Pratt Rident florentia prata The flowery meadows laugh
Prattman Labor omnia vincit Perseverance overcomes all difficulties
Preston Prœsto ut præstem Prominent that I may excel: or, I promise to perform
Preston Pristinum spero lumen I hope for pristine lustre
Preston Sans tache Without satin
Preston Si Dieu Veult If God wills it
Prestwich In te, Domine, speravi In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust
Prevost Canada Canada
Prevost Servatum sincere Kept faithfully
Prevost West Indies West Indies
Price Auxilium meum a Domino My help is from the Lord
Price Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Price Gwell marw Better die
Price Heb Duw heb ddim Without God we have nothing
Price Invigila sic vinces Watch, so shalt thou conquer
Price Na fyno Duw na fyd What God willeth not will not be
Price Rosam qui meruit ferat Let him bear the rose who has deserved it
Price Spes tutissima cœlis The surest hope is in heaven
Price Virtus prœ numine Virtue under the presence of the divinity
Price Vive ut vivas Live that you may live
Prickett Auxilium Aid
Prickett Fide, sed cui vide Trust, but in whom take care
Prideaux Deus providebit God will provide
Priestly Respice finem Regard the end
Prime Nil invita Minerva Nothing contrary to one’s genius
Primrose Fide et fiducia By fidelity and confidence
Prince Miseris succurrere To help the miserable
Prince of Wales Ich Dien Ich Dien
Pringle Coronat fides Faith crowns all
Pringle Nosce teipsum Know thyself
Pringle Semper spero meliora I constantly hope for better things
Pringle Spero et progredior I hope and proceed
Pringle Sursum Upwards
Prinlis Hope and not rue Hope and not rue
Prior Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Probyn Manus hœc inimica tyrannis This hand is hostile to tyrants
Proctor Toujours fidèle Always faithful
Prodgers Devouement sans bornes Devotion without limits
Protheroe Deus pascit corvos God feeds the ravens
Provan Pro patria For my country
Prudhoe Esperance en Dieu Hope in God
Pryce Avi numerantur avorum A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Pryme Animose certavit He hath striven courageously
Prytherch Duw a Digon God is enough, i.e. Deus sufficit
Pudsey Fortunâ favente With fortune in my favour
Pugh Qui invidet minor est He that envies is inferior
Pugh Sic itur ad astra Such is the way to immortality
Pughe Nid meddyg ond meddyg enaid No physician but Physician of the soul
Puleston Clariores e tenebris Men are brighter from previous obscurity
Pulleine Nulla pallescere culpa To turn pale from no crime
Purdie Fidelitas Fidelity
Purdon Pro aris et focis For our altars and our homes
Purefo Pura sequi To follow pure things (or Purefoy) is my delight
Purie Vespere et mane In the evening and the morning
Purton Fructu arbor cognoscitur The tree is known by it’s fruit
Purves Clarior e tenebris The brighter from previous obscurity
Purvis Clarior e tenebris The brighter from previous obscurity
Purvis Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Pwys Parta tueri Defend your acquisitions
Pye Cruce glorior I glory in the cross
Pye In cruce glorior I glory in the cross
Pye Pietatis causa In the cause of Piety

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