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Ancient Family Mottoes

Historically Recorded Family Motto List - Names Starting with J

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 historically recorded and published family mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from our reference library, from noted heraldic writers.

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This page lists names starting with J

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Jack Post nubila After clouds
Jack Post nubila Phœbus After clouds sunshine
Jackson Celer et audax Quick and bold
Jackson Devant si je puis Foremost if I can
Jackson Dominus fecit The Lord hath done it
Jackson Fortiter, Fideliter, feliciter Boldly, faithfully, successfully
Jackson Innocentia securus Secure in innocence
Jackson Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Jackson Sublimiora peto I seek higher things
Jackson Virescit virtus Virtue flourishes
Jacob Non nobis solum Not for ourselves alone
Jacob Parta tueri Defend your acquisitions
Jacob Tantum in superbos Only against the proud
Jadewine Robur in vita Deus God is our strength in life
Jaffray Post nubila Phœbus After clouds sunshine
Jaffrey Post nubila Phœbus After clouds sunshine
James A jamais For ever
James Beati pacifici Blessed are the peace-makers
James Deo semper confido In God I trust ever
James Deus alit eos God feeds them
James Eamus qup ducit fortuna Let us go where fortune leads
James Ffyddlon at y gorfin Faithful to the end
James Fide et constantia By fidelity and constancy
James J’aime à jamais I love for ever
James J’ayme à jamais I love for ever
James Malgré le tort Despite of wrong
James Nosce teipsum Know thyself
James Pro Deo, patriâ, et rege For God, my country, and my king
James Victor Conqueror
James Vincit amor patriœ The love of my country exceeds everything
Jameson Sine metu Without fear
Jamieson Ad littora tendit It makes for the shore
Jane Seymour 3rd wife of Henry VIII Bound to obey and serve Bound to obey and serve
Janssen En vain espère, qui ne craint Dieu He hopes in vain, who fears not God
Jardin Cave! Adsum Beware! I am present
Jardin Ex virtute honos Honour from virtue
Jardine Cave! Adsum Beware! I am present
Jarrett Res non verba Facts not words
Jary Mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitude
Jebb Spe et labore By hope and exertion
Jedburgh Strenuè et prosperè Earnestly and successfully
Jefferay Je feray ce que je diray I’ll do what I say
Jefferson A cruce salus Salvation from the cross
Jeffreys Supra spem spero I hope beyond hope
Jemmett Inter utrumque tenen Keep between the two
Jenkins Nagpore Commemorative of services at that place
Jenkins Perge sed caute Advance but cautiously
Jenkins Seetabuldee Seetabuldee
Jenkinson Pareo, non servo I am obedient, not servile
Jenner In pretium persevero I persevere for my reward
Jennings Conservabo ad mortem I will preserve it till death
Jennings Il buon tempo verra Bright days will come
Jennings Ut prosim aliis That I may be of use to others
Jennings Y blaidd nid ofnaf I fear not the wolf
Jenyns Ignavis nunquam Never for the idle
Jephson Loyalment je sers I serve loyally
Jephson Veritas magna est Truth is great
Jermyn Nec ab oriente, nec ab occidente Neither from the east nor from the west
Jerningham Abstulit qui dedit He who gave hath taken away
Jerrney Deus minhi providebit God will provide for me
Jersey Fidei coticula crux The cross is the test of truth
Jervis Thus Thus
Jervis Venale nec auro Not to be bought with gold
Jervoise Virtutis prœmium laus Praise is the prize of virtue
Jesham Manu forti With a strong hand
Jesson Consilii taciturnitas nutrix Silence is the nurse of counsel
Jessop Pax et amor Peace and love
Jex-Blake Beneprœparatum pectus A heart well prepared
Joass Cogit amor Love compels
Jobling For my country For my country
Jocelyn Faire mon devoir To do my duty
Jodrell Non sibi, sed patriœ natus Not born for himself, but for his country
Johnes Deus pascit corvos God feeds the ravens
Johnson Deo regique debeo I owe duty to God and the king
Johnson Deo regique liber Free to serve God and the king
Johnson Fugite fures fures omnes Fly all ye thieves
Johnson New Ross New Ross
Johnson Nunquam non paratus Never unprepared
Johnson Onus sub honore There is a burthen to sustain under honour
Johnson Paratus ad arma Prepared for war
Johnson Securior qui paratior The better prepared the more secure
Johnson Servabo fidem I will keep the faith
Johnson Sol clarior astro The sun is brighter than a star
Johnson Vicisti et vivimus Thou hast conquered and we survive
Johnson Vigilans Watchful
Johnston Assiduitate By assiduity
Johnston Cave, paratus Prepared, be cautious
Johnston Securior qui paratior The better prepared the more secure
Johnston Sine fraude fides Faith without deceit
Johnston Sine fraude fides Faith without deceit
Johnston Vive ut postea vivas So live that you may live hereafter
Johnstone Ad arma paratus Prepared for arms
Johnstone Appropinquat dies The day is at hand
Johnstone I make sure I make sure
Johnstone Nunquam non paratus Never unprepared
Johnstone Semper paratus Always prepared
Johnstone Speed Speed
Jolliffe Tant que je puis As much as I can
Jones Asgre lan diogel ei phercen A good conscience is the best shield
Jones Da a fydd God will come
Jones Deo adjuvante God aiding
Jones Deum cole, regem serva Worship God, revere the king
Jones Deus fortitudo mea God is my strength
Jones Deus pascit corvos God feeds the ravens
Jones Esto sol testis Let the sun be witness
Jones Frangas non flectes Thou may’st break, but shalt not bend me
Jones Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon Without God without anything, God is enough
Jones Heb nefol nerth, nid sicr saeth Without heavenly aid no arrow is sure
Jones Integritate et fortitudine By integrity and bravery
Jones Look to the past Look to the past
Jones Marte et arte By valour and skill
Jones Mors mihi lucrum Death is gain to me
Jones Netherlands Netherlands
Jones Nil desperandum Never despair
Jones Pawb yn ol ei arfer Every one after his custom
Jones Pro patriâ et rege For my country and king
Jones Sine numine nihilum Nothing without the divinity
Jones Spe posteri temporis In hope of the latter time
Jones Till then thus Till then thus
Jones Vince malum bono Overcome evil by good
Jones Virtutis prœmium felicitas Happiness the reward of virtue
Jones Dum spiro cœlestia spero While I have breath I hope heavenly things
Jordan Arte non vi By skill not force
Jordan Percussa resurgo Being struck down I rise again
Jornlin Fais bien, crains rien Do well, fear nothing
Joseph Fratres habitent inter se concordes Let brethren dwell together in unity
Jossey Je voys I see
Jossey Manuque And by the hand
Jove Jovis omnia plena All things are full of
Jowett Animo et prudentiâ By courage and prudence
Joy Pro patriâ ejusque libertate For my country and its freedom
Joy Vive la joye Joy for ever
Joyce Mors, aut honorabilis vita Death, or life with honour
Justice Non sine causa Not without a cause

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