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YOUR SOURCE FOR VECTOR COATS OF ARMS AND BADGES is the only site providing single coats of arms and badges in WMF, PDF, AI, EPS and CDR vector format, by instant download, and at an affordable rate. Most programs that can import images will be able to open at least one of these file formats on Windows and Mac platforms. The available JPEG and PNG formats support programs that can not handle vector graphics.

Alternate file formats available on request including PSD

Sample Files:

This enlargement shows a sample of the quality of the image files available on this site.

Sample Image

Feel free to download the sample files on this page to test them with your applications and to see the high quality of the artwork. The standard vector image format used by all of the files on the site is Windows Meta File (WMF) if your software is unable to open WMF files we can send you your file in a number of other formats, just select the format you need when placing your order or email your request for an alternative format to after you complete your purchase.

Sample Formats:
Download Sample Windows Meta File (WMF) - This widely supported format can be opened and edited in many applications including the Free Open Office Draw program available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

WMF files may require an extra step to open correctly for editing. Double clicking a WMF file may not open any application or the WMF may open in a bitmap editing program. To correctly open a WMF as an editable vector file launch your editing program and open or import the WMF.

Download Sample Adobe Illustrator (AI) - The vector image format used by Adobe Illustrator and supported by many other programs.

Download Sample Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) - This vector image format is a standard document distribution format readable on most platforms. PDF files can be opened and edited by many desktop publishing and graphics editing applications, and opens as an editable vector in your MAC graphic software.

PDF files require an extra step to download and edit. Because they automatically open in Adobe Reader you have to use the Save a Copy button (shown below) to save the file if it opens in Reader. Alternatively you can right-click (Control+Click on a Mac) and click Save Link As or Save Target As

To open a PDF once you have downloaded a PDF launch your editing program and open or import the PDF.

Double clicking on a PDF will open the file in Adobe Reader and you will not be able to edit it.

Download Sample CorelDraw file

Download Sample JPEG file

Download Sample Photoshop file

Download Sample PNG file

Note: The above are the most widely used formats, if you need a different format, contact and ask about your required format.

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Download a Free sample to see the high quality of the art!


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